2017, the conservative year.2018, the open chance.

IMG_20170929_172522Happy end of January! Actually, I wanted to say this at the start of the year, but it was only a wish by then.
I hope the month has been awesome, at least to some of you. February usually marks the start of the year for many of us..and I believe this is the perfect time to ask this, what is your plan for this year? How energetic are you? How hopeful? How innovative? How strong? How how how..Why? because you need to.
Gone are the days when people could sit for long hours behind heavy tables and desks,looking all serious and forgetting all the old resolutions, only to craft *new* ones.|I view new year as an open chance to assess the turn of events and see how best to adjust to them.

Lest I forget, I’ve been great,just reshuffled a couple of things in my life, replaced priorities and some people, got a year older (the rate at which I’m getting old though..I wasn’t ready!), and chose (..or should I say subscribed to?) new struggles. Skippy gave birth to three awesome cuties-two slay queens and a hustler. I now have a slaying single mom at my place, this has compelled me to reduce the bride price-anything beyond two goats will do now.  Greyjoy finally got his way to my Skippy’s heart, and the results are visible. A new year surprise.                                                                                    Mike is still not married, all signs indicate that he has lowered his standards too, due to the unbearable pressure he has from all quarters . As the first member of the Idiots family ( though we are not complete idiots, some parts are still missing), he is to ensure he puts a ring on something-we mean anything-before the year ends. A fundraiser, sorry, a womanraiser event will be held for him if he will still be single by mid-June. Entry is free for ladies over 30 years. Kele is still undecided on whether to cross over to this side of the Sahara or remain at the comfort of Viva Mandela’s toe. Enough for updates.
Well, 2017 proved to be one of the best years as far as environmental conservation is concerned. I was particularly impressed by the interest of African youth in combating climate change and advocating for environmental preservation. I will not talk about the let down by our national and global leaders. I won’t even mention the Jubilee administration and Trump.
2017 saw young people come to terms with the fact that working in groups provides better and sustainable environmental returns than going for it alone. This should be spirit. And this has remained my position ever since. The formation and subscription of formal associations and networks geared towards sustainable biodiversity utilization is the surest path towards achievement of the United Nations strategic goals.                So here is my 2017 in a nutshell..
I’m torn out on trying to choose which conservation event was my year’s highlight. Whether it was attending the GYBN biodiversity forum in Johannesburg, the ACOY youth conference in Kampala, the UN marathon, or the Nature Kenya Water Fowl counts.
However, I must admit that coordinating the Global Match for Elephants, Lions, and Rhinos meant so much to me. I have never felt nature that real. It was like advocating and standing up for something I truly believe in. You understand, the energy that comes when trying to defending your wife from being snatched away by your neighbor. Poor example. Your wife can give herself out to the neighbor. I mean the type of energy you have when protecting your mother from being raped. Exactly. That was the zeal I had during the Global March.  I felt more like the animal rights defender I was born to be.

Another important highlight was marching against illegal-sorry, unlawful-No,unethical-Maybe unacceptable? Okay, let me say we were protesting against the devastating invasion of Nairobi National Park by some exotic and rare species of human beings called politicians. This is a bunch of people-err- a group of guys-actually of platoon of busy bodies who never care about the environment. They view everything and anything, including their own families, in monetary terms. How else can we describe persons who have the audacity to destroy world’s only national park in a capital city for political mileage?
It’s a new year, a new opportunity, and plenty of days to just do more. Reflect on your 2017 and count all the little things you did for the planet.  Even the morning bird watch expeditions count! While on it, like our Wild World Expeditions Facebook page for more (https://m.facebook.com/WildWorldExpeditions/ ). If what you did in 2017 is not enough, which I do not think it will ever be for nature, go out and do more! So, what’s your environmental struggle?

The comment section’s light is all green, go ahead.  Share with us.


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