Of the long Silence and Nature’s Fury.

Been a while, I know. I hope in my absence you have been busy, quite busy doing something meaningful for nature. My silence was truly intentional as I was gathering information, roaming around, gossiping, doing good for nature, and investigating the fury of mother nature. From what I found, it really has a fury.

I was also working on my 100% re-washable bags, an alternative for many, after Kenya’s plastic ban. Get yours today.

Of course I was also waiting for your response. And was waiting for my bottle vegetables to mature, as you can see. I hope you also utilizing your used bottles to create something for your stomach or pocket.


By the way, my kitten has grown into a cat, somewhere in her mid sevens (I mean seven months and some days), rapidly transforming into a diva- a slay queen.
One of the reasons for my silence is because I didn’t know whether to write about nature’s fury, yet, or watch out for male cats from my neighborhood who want to rob me off my daughter cat. A girl I have raised since she was abandoned by her mother to the attractive beauty she is today. Let me make this clear, no random male will seduce my cat without paying a single cent! Let’s follow marriage protocol.
Look, I don’t want random grand-cats roaming around and calling me grandpa yet I don’t have the slightest idea of their father. No baby, they must be conceived ONLY after a consultative meeting and a church, sorry customary wedding ceremony.Otherwise my anger will ignite the fury of mother nature.
Enough about about my cat. You all that have suitable suitors, my comment section is all open for application. I assure you your male ones will really  like her, she is the cutest thing a male cat will ever lay his eyes on. Religiously brought up and well-mannered. Just a little crazy at times, like all women, when her makeup slides.
Note: Mother nature’s fury will fall upon those who forward ugly and bad-mannered mates.

Now that I’m writing this from a safe place, I can quickly update you on how my friend Mike has fared on. First, he is still single-at times I’m convinced he messed up with a component of nature that will never allow any woman to love him, even in their most weird dreams! Maybe a drained a river, maybe he poached a hyena, maybe..just something a man should not do.

Partly, it is also because he still walks around with a blue t-shirt with “POLICE” printed on the chest side. I mean which girl would believe a guy who calls himself a cop when the closest he has interacted with the police is during a demonstration in which he wanted the rights of coffee makers  respected? Did I tell you that Mike makes some of the best coffee mixes in Nairobi? Well, when nature is mad at you, it doesn’t take away everything.
So last month, as usual, he called me at the wee hours of the night- how single people think they can call you at any time of the day I will never understand! Anyway, thinking he could be in a mess or probably facing a beating due to a nightclub bill he had failed to raise, I reached out and picked the call. Only for the dude to start narrating how for a week he couldn’t get his dark-grey withered eyes off the new cleaner (or what’s the kind word for a person who washes coffee pots?) at their workplace.I was irritated, how could he cut short my super awesome dream in which I was gladly watering my bottled tomatoes with my cat sitting there, staring at me with her cute eyes! Ugh-People.
But at the same time I was happy that finally he was lusting at a girl within his reach. Frankly, I’m tired of Mike’s behavior-always going for women whose standards are as high as my cat’s. Girls we can’t afford to schedule a date with, let alone hanging around them. Nature has a way of motivating people-it keeps sending him to such.

Hearing about the lady in question, I forgot my wake-up anger, and opened the inner ear for the idiot to drum his mind in. I rarely do this for him, unless it is really necessary. That guy can easily damage your ear drums with his unending stories. After 45 minutes of listening to the narrations and frequent repetitions, I reminded him that I needed to sleep and that it was now my turn to give him my opinion of his situation. Get this, when Mike needs your advice on women, he is the most obedient person you will ever meet.
I told him to go for it. “Go keep it, I swear if you just hit it I will never talk to you again. Don’t even remember my name” A long silence from him after such threats often means he has noted. So I hung up and switched my phone off, lest his excitement over the yellow borne sends him to call again and again. A week later, I visit his workplace for some fine coffee and, obviously, to catch a glimpse of the lady who has been running my friend crazy. Nature is binding.
He couldn’t wait for me to seat and wipe off the sweat off my nose before calling out for Keletso (Not her real name). I noticed his coffee was sweeter on this day, obviously made by a man in lust-sorry- in love. Or maybe it was meant to be first tasted by a woman loved by the coffee maker. I don’t know, I won’t speculate. To me, she was a well-composed lady, with a perfectly ironed knee-high blue skirt and a white shirt that slightly revealed the lower part of her neck.  Her greeting was kind. A typical lady my grandma always talked of.

Then something lingered in my mind. Was this the kind of woman I would recommend for my best friend? Yes. But one thing. Her age. Why would Mike go for a lady in her late thirties? Nature has a fury.

My boss again, urg! Let’s talk tomorrow, please. You want to know what I did before I left the restaurant and my interaction with Keletso afterwards, or you can simply guess. The comment section is all yours.

Nature has a fury.


8 thoughts on “Of the long Silence and Nature’s Fury.”

  1. so you are busy questioning my choice of girl? like you forgot how withered, fray & weak that cat looked when you picked it? mother nature was harsh to it but you brought it in,now see what its turned to..just be harsh on my pick, you’ll see what she’l turn to. ooops.

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