Kenyan wilderness, mother of heritage sites. Have you visited?

Kenya’s beauty goes beyond being the mother of athletic champions, with beautiful  landscapes endowed with the magical sites of aesthetic, cultural, historic and social -economic importance. The value of these features has over the years put Kenya on the face of the world, creating employment, promoting cohesion and national pride to Kenyans not forgetting the maintenance of the Kenyan culture.

Visiting of any of these unbelievably amazing sites , as an individual, group or family  will leave you perplexed as every step you make, every story you hear and everything you see will turn out to be a whole new adventure!

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)  has commissioned  6 WORLD HERITAGE SITES in Kenya and others sites are have also been submitted for the same.

These following are the 6 sites and their years of commissioning:

  1. Fort Jesus, Mombasa (2011)
  2. Lamu Old Town (2001)
  3. Sacred Mijikenda Kaya Forests (2008)

The following sites have also been nominated for the same:

Have you visited any of these sites? No? You should, because these actually are the true representation of natural beauty you won’t wake up everyday to.

lake turkanaLake Turkana

Links courtesy of UNESCO.


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